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The ballet scene is not that big here in Eston, Saskatchewan, where the headquarters of The Cecchetti Society of Canada is based. But there are still a couple of small ballet studios active to this day

There aren’t many ballet dancers here in town and that is what we want to change. We have helped some of the biggest ballet schools and studios in the country market their services nationwide.

It is now time to help out the little guys and give aspiring ballet dancers the recognition they deserve.

Every week, we will feature local ballet studios, dancers, teachers, and students on our blog. This will serve as their advertisement or marketing campaigns in this digital world.

The Value Behind it

There are so many talented ballet dancers here in Eston and in nearby towns. However, because of limited resources, these people don’t have access to advanced training and lessons they need to master their craft.

That is why we will advertise studious, dancers, and students for free. We will use the blog and online content platforms to show the world what they’ve got.

We will also help them advertise their dance recitals and seminars. All of them have what it takes, and we want to help them.

Contact us today

We are now opening our doors to ballet studios all over Saskatchewan and nearby provinces hoping to be featured or advertised on our online platforms. Everything will be free of charge and all we need from you is your presence, input, and the breakdown of the marketing campaigns you want to circulate.

We can discuss everything via video call, but we advise you to please visit our office at 1284 Hamilton Street, Eston, SK. We are excited to give you all a hand. Stay in the loop for new blog releases and meet amazing dancers and instructors.