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The Cecchetti Society of Canada is more than just a blog, it is a community. We center everything we write and publish around the art form of ballet and how it is perfected through the Cecchetti method.

Cecchetti method

The Cecchetti method was devised by Italian ballet master Enrico Cecchetti, hence the name. The method is known and referred to as classical ballet and has been used from generation to generation of the greatest ballet performers.

The method is focused on improving a dancer’s elasticity and strength in order to develop their skills and movements. The method helps dancers execute steps followed by routines and vice versa. This teaching method revolves around effective exercise routines that are stretched out each day of the week.

The Cecchetti method is flawless because it also takes the laws of anatomy into consideration. Perfecting the method means that the dancer is able to move around seamlessly without the risk of any injuries.

The Cecchetti Society of Canada

The Cecchetti Society of Canada blog was founded by a big ballet fan, Mark D. King. According to him, he is the biggest fan of ballet in the world. As a kid Mark wanted to learn how to do ballet but his parents didn’t have the money.

But that didn’t stop him from admiring it. With his love for ballet, he started writing about it and then he learned about the Cecchetti method. In general, this method is the most common training method for ballet dancers all over the globe.